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Laurent Mazzone

Born in the heart of the French Alps in an Italian family, from a very young age LAURENT MAZZONE developed a passion for scents and perfumes which never left him. At the beginning his pleasure as a child was to discover the enigma of taste and flavor, of scents and perfumes. In the following years this initial desire allowed him to develop all his senses. At the age of 12 he would analyze, mix and blend the samples he found in the bathroom, his parent’s garden and his local shops. He had one idea in mind, discover new perfumes. Curious by nature, full of energy and with perfection, LAURENT MAZZONE did not realize at that time that he would become a ‘discoverer of fragrances’... In his adolescent years, Laurent was more occupied with samples and beats, working as a DJ as the night came around. It was during this time that his diverse creative instincts led him to be fascinated by the world of fashion shows and style workshops. It was also during this period, in 1998, that Laurent embarked on his first commercial adventure - fashion. Over the course of the next few years he opened several fashion stores, ‘pret a porter’ boutiques for both men and women. Today he heads a chain of fashion shops in his native town of Grenoble. These shops give great delight to those looking for that unusual item and those of the most creative designers. Soon LAURENT MAZZONE used his shops as ‘sensory laboratories’, making his first scented candles whose perfumes filled the shops. He imagined, created, experimented and tested. His clients were thrilled and wanted more and more. It did not take long for this indefatigable creator to make a decision that would change his life: «I do not want to sell perfumes, I want to create perfumes».But being a perfectionist he did not want to rush into things, wishing to continue to experiment and learn. But LAURENT MAZZONE soon put his ideas into action.

He decided to open a new shop in 2000, a shop entirely devoted to niche perfumes, a brand new concept in the beginning of the twenty first century. He created a true paradise of scents and aromas. In the shop one could find everything stemming from Laurent’s olfactive passion: candles of course, home perfumes and... perfumes. For more than 10 years LAURENT MAZZONE used this workshop to prepare himself for the wildest yet the most obvious adventure of his life: the creation of his very own perfumes. We are now in 2010, and the time has come... Laurent, in a period of unprecedented international financial crisis, now takes an enormous risk by creating a range of perfumes in his own image - «respecting tradition but with a touch of subtle provocation».For inspiration he learns from his own emotions and his taste of the unique. Therefore he decides to enrich his experience by meeting with the great makers of French perfumes, working together with them and exchanging ideas. Although sometimes surprised by their dialogue it eventually led him towards his own timeless perfumes. The first perfumes were launched at the end of 2010. They were named generically LM PARFUMS FRANCE with names for each individual perfume - «Noir Gabardine», «Ambre Muscadin», «Patchouli Bohème», «O des Soupirs». It is a generation of perfumes which share the same genetic code: recognizable scents with an uncompromising personality. The world of LM Parfums also harbors some resolutely new fragrances, with surprising harmonies yet so audacious. Sometimes engaging, sometimes sober, reassuring yet deliberately provocative, each perfume is made with the image of their creator who loves to install a sense of paradox. These perfumes are simple yet totally inimitable. Timeless fragrancies, this is the ambition of LAURENT MAZZONE.